Penomet Vs Air Vacuum Penis Pumps

Air vacuum penis pumps have ruled penis enlargement for years but now, there is a different kind of penis pump that provides a more efficient and safer way to enlarge your penis. This is new breakthrough device is the Penomet penis pump.air_vacuum_penis_pump

So what’s the verdict between Penomet and air vacuum penis pumps? Well there are some very significant differences. Before I start I would like to narrate my personal story with air penis pump. I had one about 12 years ago and I never really see any much gain after pumping my penis to the point of excruciating pain for months. The penis pump gave me temporary increase but the gains subsides quickly and never really stayed.

After doing some research I read that air vacuum penis pumps are not suitable for long term use and can lead to tissue, and nerve damage or burst blood vessels, and result in impotence. Man I was scared and I got rid of that thing in a flash. So I stuck to penis exercises to increase my penis size. However I got about 1 ½ inches gains but after that it was a struggle to add on any more. But I learned some secrets and do’s and don’t s about penis enlargement which I have shared with you here on this blog.

Conventional air vacuum pumps allow air inside the chamber to act like a sponge. This air compresses and expands but does nothing to enlarge the penis in proportion. The result of regular use is enlargement of some of the areas of the penis such as the foreskin but not the entire length and girth of the penis shaft.

But Penomet is designed different, in that, it uses water inside the pump. Water is placed inside the chamber and the pump is sealed. Water is removed by compressing the pump producing changes in volume and area of water inside the Penomet. Pressure balance is needed to achieve the growth of the penis as well as the increase in thickness fast. And this is what Penomet does.

A Closer Look at Penomet Hydro Penis Pump Amazing Design

As tbuy_penomethe compression inside the pump stops, the non-return valve closes and stops water from returning inside the pump. The gaiter expands and returns to its original size due to water inside the pump that acts like a semi solid which cannot be compressed nor expanded. Only the size of the penis could expand to replace the amount of water that has been removed from the pump.

Penomet penis pumps may be used by young adults as well as seniors for safe and effective penis enlargement and impotence. The balance enlargement process produced as this penis pump is used, provides significant and permanent increase in penis size unlike air vacuum penis pumps. Also you should read this article Penomet vs Bathmate hydro penis pumps to see the wonder of this unique device.

So the verdict is out: Penomet penis pumps win over outdated and dangerous air vacuum penis pumps by a landslide!

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