Does Penomet Really Work?

Penomet is a breakthrough penis enlarger. It is a penis pump that will make your penis larger and harder when used accordingly. There are so many products that claim to increase penis size but Penomet is different; it works by increasing the size of the two chambers of the penis which are responsible for an erection. So to fully understand how Penomet really works, a closer look on these two chambers is very important to any user.

The penis actually has three chambers. The two large chambers are called corpora cavernosa and are located at the top of the shaft. These two chambers are made of erectile tissue which makes the penis grow every time there is an erection and retract the penis after the erection is over. The third and the smaller chamber that is located just below the two large chambers are called the corpus spongiosum. This chamber is where urine and ejaculate passes out of the penis.

Hormonal signals from the brain increases blood flow to different areas of the body including the penis during an erection. The erectile tissues in the two chambers are filled with blood up to their maximum capacity and this causes the penis to become erect to its maximum size as well. In other words, the maximum erection of your penis is directly related to how much blood the erectile tissue within the corpora cavernosa can hold.

Increasing the size of the two chambers will definitely lead to increased penis size too. And the best thing of all is that Penomet is able to increase the size of these two chambers safely and effectively. You will have larger and harder erections in no time at all when you follow the guide to properly using the Penomet penis pump.

How Penomet Enlarges Your Penis

Penomet works through the use of different gaiters to produce different amounts of pressure inside as well as the outside of the penis pump cylinder. Some penis pumps have only one pressure setting which will never successfully increase your penis size and girth. However Penomet has five different pressure settings and this is achieved by using different pressure gaiters as you follow the Penomet guide.

You may need to use different gaiters alternatively or in between different days to get the maximum result. Penomet creators agree that the best one to use initially is the gaiter with the least amount of pressure and then increase gaiters every week. Penomet has five pressure forces corresponding to 5 gaiters: the weakest is Force 60 and it increases by increments of 5 till the highest force of Force 80.
Attach a gaiter to the base of the pump and afterwards, place your penis inside the chamber. Start pressing the pump in the direction towards your body. You may also increase the intensity of the Penomet pump by submerging in your bathtub or filling the pump with water.

Read the difference between Penomet and air vacuum penis pumps and you would see how Penomet is does penomet workfar safer to use.

Penomet pumps are designed to provide the most efficient growth in size of your penis while reducing any discomfort. The base allows very minimal compression force while providing maximum penile expansion. The secret behind using water with the pump is that the more water is forced from the pump the more your penis is allowed to expand. This also increases the hydro force vacuum that also encourages your penis to increase in size and girth.

The Penomet penis pump ensures that there is a balance between water pressures and therefore there will never be any side effect like penile damage caused by air vacuum penis pumps as well as other devices that claim to increase penis size.

As the compression inside the pump stops, the non-return valve closes and stops water from returning inside the pump. The gaiter expands and returns to its original size due to water inside the pump that acts like a semi solid which cannot be compressed nor expanded. Only the size of the penis could expand to replace the amount of water that has been removed from the pump.

As you can see, Penomet really works to enlarge your penis

So the question ‘does Penomet really work’ is out of the question because Penomet penis pump is designed with a breakthrough technology for fast and safe penis enlargement.

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