Penomet Review From a Real Owner

Welcome to my Penomet review website. This post was updated on 03-10-2017. First of all, I’m a real owner of the Penomet penis pump. I use the Penomet frequently so I know the all the pros and cons of this device. If you want the full and real review of this product then stick around. Don’t go running off to another website whose owner doesn’t even own one. They just cut and paste information to make a quick buck. Anyway…

In this Penomet review I will be discussing the following sub-topics below.

  1. What exactly is the Penomet Device
  2. The benefits and uses of the Penomet
  3. The Penomet Gaiters System
  4. How the Penomet compared to other Enhancement devices
  5. The Penomet vs Bathmate Hydro Pumps Showdown
  6. Penomet Videos Series
  7. Penomet Gains you can expect. And a mistake you should NEVER do after using the pump!
  8. Where to buy Penomet at a discount


What Exactly is the Penomet Device

In a nutshell, the Penomet device is a hydro penis pump. If you are new to the male enhancement industry, a hydro penis pump uses water. By using water, this makes the Penomet pump more effective and safer than air vacuum penis pumps.

I have over 16 years in penis enlargement and I can tell you that the Penomet is the best PE device out there. PERIOD! Stay with me to the end of this review to see why.


penomet review by real user


Benefits and Uses of the Penomet

The Penomet penis pump can benefit both the young and old men. Lets take a look below how –

  • You can use it to increase your penis size from 1 – 3 inches in length.
  •  It enlarges the girth of your penis up to 30%.
  • It increases the girth and length of your penis proportionately and evenly.
  • Regular use of the Penomet device can cure premature ejaculation and make you last longer in bed.
  • This penis pump is very effective to cure impotence and erectile dysfunction.
  • It would make your penis erection stronger and rock hard.
  • You would notice more frequent erections and virility.


The Penomet Gaiters System

Unlike other penis pumps, the Penomet has a unique design. The manufacturer created it with an interchangeable gaiter system. There are 5 gaiters. Namely, Force 60, Force 65, Force 70, Force 75 and Force 80. A gaiter, simply put, is basically a sleeve. The purpose of the gaiter is to create a vacuum with different pressure and force. Penomet has a super strong suction and a quick release valve to let out pressure. So usage is very safe. And the gaiters are quite comfortable too.

Force 60 applies the lowest pressure while Force 80 gives the strongest pressure. Now don’t make these gaiters scare you with complications. The Penomet system is easy to use. Changing gaiters is a breeze. The 5 gaiters are created to easily snap onto the base of the pump. By alternating the gaiters smartly, you can quickly achieve amazing results. Instructions is provided how to do this.

As a beginner you would want to use the lowest strength gaiter first. Then increase the force on your penis with the stronger gaiters. This enhancement procedure is unique and safe to increase your penis girth and length. See this blog post how to use Penomet for more information.

penomet gaiters


How the Penomet Compared to other Enhancement Devices

The Penomet device is made from high quality polycarbonate plastics. It is one of the toughest plastics ever made by man and is virtually unbreakable. This pump is made to last. For your convenience the engineers were able to imprint directly into the plastics a precise measurement scale both in inches and centimeters so you can see your progress. Penomet gaiters are made with medical grade silicone which is very effective in strength to maintain optimal pressure throughout your penis exercise.RoHS-penomet

I have compared Penomet with the two other popular penis pumps on the market in the table below. I have personally used an air vacuum penis pump and boy, you have to pump your penis to excruciating pain to see your penis size increase. With the Penomet hydro pump there is hardly any pain once you got a good suction.

The reason why is because this hydro pump produce a balance pressure around your penis. This encourages an equal and balance penis growth. The air vacuum pumps can pull your penis to one side and your enlargement growth wouldn’t be balanced. Read this article does Penomet really work to see how the pump actually works.

Now air vacuum penis pumps can cause more harm than good to your penis. They can even damage your penis if used improperly. Also trying to get the maximum suction from these pumps can be very painful to your member. But not with the Penomet. You can quickly reach the maximum and powerful suction with hardly any pain.

The biggest difference between the Penomet and the Bathmate pump is the gaiter system. The Bathmate hydro pump series don’t have any interchangeable gaiters. Please scroll down below this table for more details in their differences.

FeaturesAir Vacuum
Penis Pump
Penis Pump
Penis Pump
Overall Score3star2h2h
Effectiveness 3star2h2h
Ease of Use 3star3h2h
Guarantee0-30 Days14 Days60 Days

  • Cheap

  • Hydro Penis Pump

  • Safe to use

  • High Octane Power Hydro Penis Pump

  • Has a 5 Gaiter System giving you 5 penis pumps in one

  • Each Gaiter enlarges your penis to a bigger level safely

  • It utilizes the latest penis enlargement technology


  • Can Damage Penis. Read More

  • Each exercise session is very painful

  • Lack of full pressure compression after frequent usage

  • Don't have interchangeable Gaiter System. Read More

  • You need to buy a new pump to go to another enlargement level

  • Can be expensive

  • Can only be used in the bathroom. Read More

  • Not Available in Stores



The Penomet VS Bathmate Showdown

As you can see from the table above, Bathmate pumps don’t have interchangeable gaiters. This can be bad for your pocket. Why? You have to buy another Bathmate pump to go to another enlargement level.penomet Owning the Premium Penomet means just changing the gaiter to a more powerful one to create more suction power. Thus upping your growth level, is a snap. The bottom line, a one time low payment.

Presently there are about nine different Bathmate pumps. Each one have their own benefits, perks and user in mind. Imagine having to buy all 9 pumps. How would you store them discreetly? The Penomet complete system is just one pump with 5 gaiters. As you can see, the latter can easily be stored away.


The Penomet Penis Pump Vs Bathmate Hercules

The Bathmate Hercules was actually the first hydro penis pump on the market. It’s been around since 8 years. This pump can only enlarge your penis to 1.81 inches in girth and 7.08 inches in length. However the Penomet reaches 9 inches in length and 2.5 inches in girth.

Penomet vs bathmate hercules


The Penomet Penis Pump Vs Bathmate HydroMax

The Bathme Hydromax is the upgrade of the Bathmate Hercules. It has a newer design and more suction power. The Bathmate Hydromax line comes with 3 different pumps. The Hydromax X20, Hydromax X30 and Hydromax X40. Again each pump is designed with a different user in mind. This means a guy with a certain size member would begin with the Hydromax X20 and so forth.

I find that technology cumbersome. Because the innovative technology of the Penomet allows any guy with any size to start using it. The important part is that guys with a small member should begin with smallest force gaiter first. So as you can see, the Penomet encompasses the Bathmate Hydromax X20, X30, X40 and more…

Penomet vs bathmate hydromax x20 x30 x40


The Penomet Penis Pump Vs Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme

Well the Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme line is the latest upgrade to the Bathmate Hydromax production. This hydro penis pump features a hand ball pump like the air vacuum penis pumps. Hmmmm…. looks good. But is it? You see, I find the hand ball pump in the air vacuum pumps sticking sometimes.

Meaning that when you squeeze it sometimes in extreme suction, it doesn’t inflate to original shape. You have to squeeze it around to make it ready to squeeze again. Pun not intended. I wonder if the same would happen with the Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme? This can really be tedious and more work. I have not used the Xtreme to really know if this is the case.

Anyway the Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme can increase your penis to around 2.20 inches in diameter and 8.46 inches in length. The Penomet wins with 2.5 and 9 inches respectively. Also its worth mentioning again that the Penomet has a strong suction power and is quite comfortable to wear during workout session.

Penomet vs bathmate hydromax xtreme x20 x30 x40


Penomet Videos Series

I have created a Penomet video series that you can watch in the Youtube playlist below.



Penomet Gains You Can Expect

Before you can expect any Penomet gains you have to use the device for at least 5 days a week for about 30 minutes per workout session. Without effort and time, there is no gain. The nice thing also is that you actually see temporary gains after your workout. It engorges your member and make it full and hard.
The Penomet can be quite advantageous before intercourse. Your spouse would love the ‘big’ feeling. So please use the pump before love making.

The Penomet is 9 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. So with continuous usage you can expect your penis to extend between 1-3 inches of length and 30% of girth enlargement. Aiming for a penis bigger than 9 inches is a waste of time as most women can’t handle it. It would be too big for her and only cause hurt and pain.

Maybe your wife can only take an 8 inch member. Whatever the case may be, when you reach your enlargement goals then you can use the Penomet occasionally to maintain your size. Using the Penomet would also ensure that your shaft would be fit for life!

Also to make your enlargement process faster, bigger and harder I would recommend you choose one of the best sex pills and use it daily with the Penomet. These pills are loaded with herbal ingredients that encourages optimal penis growth.

And your penis would recover faster for your next workout session too. This alone is pure gold in benefits. A stretched, sore and beaten up penis is not going to get anywhere. The enhancement pills I recommend would make your penis rigid and hard again for the next workout. And this is the trick and secret to faster gains.

penomet hydro penis pump

There are some men who want a member bigger that 9 inches. Well the Penomet has other accessory cylinder you can buy to go massive. If you are a man with a micro penis, then the Penomet is not for you. You should investigate a Bathmate X20 as this is smaller in size and can fit more snugly.

Anyway, if you want the full Penomet potential, then you need my personal ebook: Penomet Gains Secrets. I have outlined my personal secret tricks to use this hydro pump effectively. Click the banner below and fill your email address to get access.

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Where to Buy Penomet at a Discount

BEWARE! There are many people claiming to show you where to buy Penomet at a discount. They even quote Penomet coupon codes. Well the honest truth is that the Penomet is only available at its official website. Presently there is no coupon codes. If there is, I will be the first to have them posted here.

I am an official affiliate and owner of this product. And I have included the discount link on this page where you can buy Penomet at the lowest price possible. I hope you find my thorough review of the Penomet very informative.

Before you go ahead and buy the Penomet, there are a few points that I need to clear up. Firstly, Penomet offers a 60 day money back guarantee. The warranty is 3 years. The gaiters come with a Free lifetime replacement.

US customers can expect their delivery within 3-7 days. Non-US orders can take 14-21 days to arrive. Another point to consider when placing your order…. I recommend that you buy the Penomet Premium package. This system has all the 5 gaiters, shower strap and cleaning foam.

If you’re serious about your size, waste no time. Buy the Penomet from this discount link now. You have nothing to lose. But inches to gain.

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