Penomet Vs Penis Extenders

So how does Penomet vs penis extenders is simply AMAZING! Let me explain my dear friends. I owned a Fastsize penis extender before and the thing was disgusting to use – but lucky me I sold it back on ebay for a good price. I want to advice you to never ever buy a penis extender! Because you will never get the chance to use it. Why? I am coming to the answers and differences but first let me proud myself to tell you that I was there before and I know what I’m talking about! Here are some super cool differences why Penomet penis pump is light years ahead of penis extenders —

  1. You only have to use the Penomet for 30 minutes everyday to see real results, but with penis extenders you have to wear it on for at least 4 hours everyday to see actual results! And guess what, you cannot do any manual work with it because it will fall off, you just have to sit one place for the 4 hours. If you wear it whilst sleeping your penis would become numb which is very scary to me. I don’t want to damage any nerves there man. And you was suppose to take it off every hours so if you fall asleep too bad for you. I can remember wearing my Fastsize penis extender whilst watching TV and when I got up the thing fall off, luckily I manage to hide it in my long clothing from my mom!
  2. Just snap on a new gaiter on the Penomet penis pump when you want to increase pressure or go to another level to enlarge your penis but with the penis extender you have to dismember the device and screw on different add on parts. This is can be time consuming and most times whilst wearing the device, the screws become loosen – you really got to give it a hard tight to prevent this so arm yourself with a pliers.
  3. Penomet penis pump is comfortable and convenient to wear and use whilst the penis extenders would make your penis numb after some time.
  4. Penomet penis pump gives you fast enlargement and engorges your penis safely to the maximum before sex whilst the penis extenders don’t.
  5. Penomet penis pump is affordable whilst penis extenders cost is expensive.
  6. You have lifetime warranty of Penomet part and full 60 days return policy, no question asked whilst penis extenders offers a 30 days return policy and no guarantee on parts.
  7. Penomet penis pump won awards and medals for being a quality product – penis extenders don’t have any awards.
  8. Now, do I need to go on more ……
  9. Guys, go get yourself a Penomet Penis Pump.

So once again you can see Penomet penis pump won against penis extenders.


Penomet Hydro Penis Pump Verses Penis Extenders Comparison Chart

FeaturesPenis ExtendersPenomet Penis Pump
Overall Score4 star5 star
ResultsSlow and Long Term ResultsImmediate and Long Term Results
SafetyCause penis to become numb if don’t remove within 45 minutes.Engorges your penis rock hard without pain.
Time to See ResultsUse at least >4 hours per day.Use at least 30 minutes per day.
Ease of UseDismember device to add on parts.Just snap on a different Gaiter.
Risk of ExposureIt can fall out when doing manual labor or walking around.Use it discretely in any private room for just 30 minutes a day!
Awards4 star5 star
Guarantee60 — 90 Days60 Days

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