How to Increase Penis Girth and Length

image showing how to enlarge girth size fastMany men are searching how to increase penis girth and length because they feel insecure about their penis size. I can see this is understandable due to the media influences.

Well I have researched this topic thoroughly and I found some interesting facts that would give you relief how to solve this problem. Before I go on, you need to know this fact that the average male penis length is between 4.75 and 6 inches.

To start with, lets see what women think about penis size. According to a survey done, most women said that penis girth is more important than length. Now you may want to rethink your goal to elongate your penis and focus more on how to increase penis girth.

But heck what women think. Your self esteem is at risk. You love a well hung member to WOW the girl in your live. A short fat penis is not going to make you look like a real dominant man.

And I totally agree with you. If you fall within the average length range then I recommend you try to get between 7.5 inches to 9 inches long. Well there are a few ways how to increase penis length and girth. The most expensive is via penis enlargement surgery.

This fast way is very dangerous and you can end up with a dead, weak and smushie penis rather than a longer and harder one. So don’t even bother going this route and I guess you don’t have plenty money to waste anyway.

There are three easy, affordable and safe methods how to increase penis girth and length that I recommend you try. I have discussed each method below and arrived at a conclusion which you need to pay attention to for best results. The three ways to make your penis longer are –

4 Methods How to Increase Penis Girth and Length

Best Option: Penomet Hydro Pump

The Penomet penis pump is the best option for penis enlargement. Well if you read the other pages of my blog you will see why. In a nutshell, its very safe and gives you fast results. I own a Penomet Premium. This one got all the 5 gaiters. Read this Penomet review for more information why its the best hydro pump to enlarge your penis.

Conclusion: Recommended. –> Buy Penomet Now

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2nd Option: Penis Exercises

Penis exercises requires longer exercise time, dedication and effort. You would have to put aside at least an hour 5 days a week for this method to see significant results. Also this method is free. There are countless penis exercises online that you can Google and start doing. But if you got the money and you don’t have time, then invest in the Penomet. Here are a few exercises for the shallow pockets —

Exercise 1

The most effective and crucial exercise that helps enlarge your penile length is a Jelq. Jelqing has

been used since centuries for penis enlargement. There is a ton of material written for effective Jelqing. I would just focus on the basics here. To begin Jelqing, you first need to get into a hard erect state, then grip the base of your penis shaft with your index finger and thumb of one hand and slowly slide it down the length of your member, stopping just before your penis head. Jelqs help expand the erectile tissue so that more blood can be held in there, which after time and regular exercise gives you a thicker and longer shaft.

Exercise 2

Grip уоur manhood with уоur right hаnd аnd proceed tо pull it straight in front оf you. Maintain the stretch fоr 15 tо 20 seconds. Sооn уоu wоuld bе аblе tо experience the stretch right tо the shaft оf уоur penis. This iѕ a straight forward natural penis exercise that hаѕ bееn established bу ѕо mаnу оf men tо bе good fоr уоu penis аnd effective in letting уоu hаvе a larger sex organ. Repeat this technique mаnу times аnd dоn’t bе tоо intense, ѕо that injuries wоuld nоt occur.

Actually read below to see how you can get into a penis exercise program for free. You can reap the reward of penis exercises faster by incorporating a Penis Enlargement Pill… which brings us to the third method how to enlarge penile length…

Conclusion: Only for Guys with No Money and Lots of Time to Spare.

3rd Option: Penis Enlargement Pill

Penis pills are just like vitamin supplements. They supply your penis organ with the correct ingredients to increase blood supply and nutrients which encourages penis enlargement. However, penis pills cannot by itself enlarge the penis significantly with the help of the Penomet, penis exercises or a penis extender. These supplements help your member in the two ways —

  • Facilitate growth of new cells and faster healing of the small tissue tears.
  • Give greater level of stretching; resulting in expansion.

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Conclusion: Only Use with Method 1, 2 or 4.

4th Option: Penis Extenders

These are penis exercise equipment’s that are delicately built to help you achieve more out of your workouts. They work on stretching and causing tension which leads to a thicker penis. There are various designs but they all perform the same function. An extender features bars and two fastening points. One end of the fastening points holds the base and the other end slightly below the glans. The bars are used to extend the workout equipment.

How to increase penis length using an extender –

  • Prepare by wearing a soft piece of cloth around your penis, this protects your delicate skin.
  • Start by attaching one end of the strap at the base of the penis,
  • Carefully position the penis on the extender,
  • Pull the penis forward and fasten the other strap near the glans,
  • Keep tension on the penis by re-tightening the straps to a comfortable fit and stretch,
  • Finally give the extender time to do its magic and don’t move around too much.

Also I would like to recommend to use a penis enlargement pill in conjunction with using a penis extender. Why? The latter break down the penis cells while the pill supply natural ingredients to repair the cells, thus making them grow bigger and stronger.


  1. Need to wear on for at least 1 hour.
  2. Can be very uncomfortable if wear on for over 15 minutes. You need to take breaks in between.
  3. Time Consuming
  4. Can be uncomfortable to wear to work or even walk.
  5. Can fall off if wear walking or working.
  6. You can be exposed to SHAME if the above happens.
  7. Its cumbersome to attach and detach rods to go to another level of enlargement.
  8. And its very Expensive!

Conclusion: Not Recommended

Final Words

So the best way how to increase penis girth and length is to invest in a Penomet penis pump and some VigRX Pills. And with just 30 minutes and 2 pills a day, your dream of a bigger penis can come into a reality. Remember too, that you need commitment, dedication and patience to get the desired penis you’re looking for.  Click the link to buy the Penomet now –> Buy Penomet Now